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Too Good To Go

In a wasteful world, Too Good To Go offers a mobile solution. Originating in Copenhagen in 2015, it began with buffet waste reduction and expanded to cafes, bakeries, and hotels. Dedicated to fighting food waste, it empowers users to rescue surplus food via their app. Despite initial oversight, Too Good To Go has become prominent, especially in Europe, using technology to combat food waste. Their website reveals alarming statistics: 2.5 billion tons of food wasted yearly and 828 million individuals hungry daily. In response, Too Good To Go launches initiatives integrating technology, waste reduction, and social inclusion, emphasizing the impact of small actions and promoting collective participation.

THE INNOvation strides made by too good to go

Too Good To Go prioritizes both consumers and food businesses, employing innovative technology to tackle food waste. They’ve effectively addressed Europe’s food waste issue and assist businesses in optimizing their operations. By offering flexible deals and estimating surplus food, they incentivize businesses to join their platform. The success of Too Good To Go is attributed to its market-driven approach and innovative application. With food waste typically accounting for 1-3% of annual revenue, their impact is significant. In 2022, Too Good To Go garnered international recognition for its sustainability efforts, collaborating with governments to enhance food waste policies. Through their mobile app, they promote environmental sustainability by offering eco-friendly packaging and enhancing user experiences.

The portrayal of the app
the extent of too good to go’s proactive actions and methods of recognition

Too Good To Go’s impact extends beyond its app, reaching various sectors of the food industry. In 2020, they aimed to enhance sustainability across their network of 38,000 business partners. Education is prioritized, with toolkits provided for teachers to promote responsible practices in schools. Public affairs initiatives engage policy-makers to establish regulations for reducing food waste. Active participation in events like the FAO’s Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day underscores their commitment. The app now allows users to track the ecological and economic impact of saved meals. Too Good To Go encourages partners to promote waste reduction, introducing features to track ecological and financial impact. Their acquisition of « FoodMemo » in November 2022 enhances expiry date management for retailers, aligning with their commitment to empowering retailers to reduce food waste. The integration of FoodMemo benefits over 1000 stores, with plans for expansion. Efforts to address misconceptions around date labeling and advocacy at the European level demonstrate their proactive stance. Initiatives like Magic Bags and dynamic pricing showcase their creativity and adaptability. Collaborations, educational programs, data analytics, and community engagement solidify their leadership in combating food waste.


In conclusion, Too Good To Go is at the forefront of fighting food waste, blending innovation, sustainability, and social impact. By connecting consumers with surplus meals and promoting collaboration and environmentally conscious practices, it addresses the global crisis of food wastage. Through initiatives like ‘Magic Bags’ and dynamic pricing, alongside strategic partnerships, the company is committed to reducing food waste. Its holistic approach, including community engagement, education, and advocacy, highlights its dedication to meaningful change. Too Good To Go’s success showcases how businesses can align profitability with a broader purpose, serving as a model for global sustainability. Ultimately, its story inspires those seeking purpose and impact, leading the way toward a future of sustainability and waste reduction.

Author: Muzeyyen Yemis

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